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Model/actor Paul Forman
Model/actor PAUL FORMAN  has been cast in guest star roles on EMILY IN PARIS!

Paul will be playing Nicolas de Leon. The crown prince and dutiful executive of his family’s high powered conglomerate, JVMA, Nicolas De Leon seems to lead a charmed life. But while the family name is an endless source of wealth, status, and access, it’s accompanied by a crushing pressure to prove himself as more than just a nepotism hire. While Emily would kill to be in business with him, it’s an unexpected personal connection that brings them together.

Who is PAUL ?

Paul  has worked for Clarins, Schwarzkopf or even Cartier & knows how to highlight his strengths. On his Instagram account with 80,000 subscribers, Paul Forman strikes a pose, all abs and muscular arms outside, during his vacation, shootings or even on the cover of L'Officiel magazine. In his short biography on Instagram he describes himself as "the most French English man ever", in reference to his dual family culture.

A real consecration for this former drama student in London, holder of a math degree. However, this is not the twenty-something's first on-screen experience. He thus officiated in The Spanish Princess (2019), where he plays François 1er, or in Neverland (2019) and the series Frank of Ireland (2021).